Webcomics – Growin’ Up With Guy Fieri

Growin Up With Guy Fieri No. 1

The Idea For Growin’ Up With Guy Fieri

The idea for Growin’ Up With Guy Fieri came to me while watching an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives (aka Triple D). I thought: I wonder how things unfolded in the Fieri household back in the day. You can totally picture him throwing down his early Guy-isms at home. I’m still stenciling some people as I’m learning and customizing where I can (more about that below). The comic frame is a play on the old Family Circus comics with added pop-outs and retro flare. There are a few more Guy-isms to play with, and if/when I draw more I’ll add them to this page.

More About The Drawing

As I mentioned, I’m still learning to draw people from scratch. In this comic, Guy is based on a character in Soizic Mouton’s The Foolproof Method – How to Draw a Character. Mouton’s book also has great tips on drawing facial expressions and body parts, like arms, hands, legs, and feet. It’s surprising this book only has 30 reviews on Amazon as of this writing, it’s simple and awesome. I tried variations with a stubble version of his goatee, but he just looked too darn old for this. Guy’s mom is based on Christopher Hart characters in The Beginner’s Fashion Design Studio since I’m assuming she’s a fashionable woman. Hopefully, she doesn’t look disinterested in Guy, that’s not the intention. She’s just busy, and pausing the mashed potatoes to respond to Guy.

Even More About The Drawing

The creepy, long-nosed wizard, Cookie Jarvis, was the original mascot for Cookie Crisp cereal in its debut year in 1977. He would wave his wand at a bowl of perfectly fine cookies and turn them into cereal. Nobody ever did that in Harry Potter.

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