Rainbow Profile Pic

Show your support to the LGBTQ+ community by displaying a pride profile pic on social media!

This project was inspired by the desire to support the LGBTQ+ community during pride month. Just choose an image from your device, select an overlay, and adjust the transparency to your preference. When you’re ready, click the download profile image button to get a copy.

Pick a File or Use Your Phone Camera
Custom Profile Image Adjust Overlay Transparency Pick an Overlay
Classic Rainbow Classic Rainbow
Wavy Rainbow Wavy Rainbow
Trans Trans
Ace Ace
Ally Ally
Bi Bi
Pan Pan
Progressive Progressive
Queer Queer
Unlabeled Unlabeled
Download Profile Image

Show Your Support

Support isn’t always outwardly visible. Learning and education can be similarly powerful. For example, here’s a brief, gay video history in the USA narrated by Wanda Sykes. For something that might resonate more with (older) Millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers, here’s Kate McKinnon’s guest appearance on SNL Weekend Update.

For something more interactive, if you live in an area with a Pride Parade, definitely attend! They’re bright, fun, and full of positive energy. After the parade, and in general, go for a meal at a restaurant that has a rainbow flag or “everyone is welcome”-type sticker displayed.


Sample profile photo and featured image profile photos by Generated Photos.

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