Dreamiracle Ice Maker Machine – DRMUS-IM2200-UL (2021)

The thing is, “Dreamiracle” is both hard to read and hard to say, but let’s look past that and consider the freezing cold ICE! A modern staple, ice is ubiquitous in most civilized regions of the planet. The Dreamiracle Ice Maker Machine (DRMUS-IM2200-UL) is a workhorse. It churns out plenty of the frosty, cold, good stuff and is a great fit in a home/office/RV environment.

If you look at the manufacturer’s comparison chart, it’s pretty clear this is in the top tier of the lower-budget (i.e. cheap) ice machines. It’s also pretty clear that the bargain brands are so cheap they can’t even spell “bargain” correctly. For shame.

On average, it can crank out new ice every 7-15 minutes, and for what it does, it’s pretty slim on the countertop. The positives really stack up for this machine:

  • Large capacity (for countertop models)
  • Self-clean mode
  • Stylish
  • Easy to use

It’s sold at a few retailers, like Walmart, but for some reason it’s quite a bit cheaper on Amazon.